• Reviewed by: rita  on: 04/10/2013
    I ordered to go AFTER I read the glowing reviews from previous diners. THAT was a mistake...and totally disappointed.!!We ordered Pork Lo Mein, alot of noodles about 10 very thin 2 inch slices of pork, Sweet and Sour Pork that is bought frozen with red dyed sweet sauce 2 orders of Pot Stickers with the filling that was very chewyWe ate some of it, the rest is in the fridge. today I will give to my doggies, they'll eat anything. ...H17(house Special) Which was was the artificial crab meat and can be bought at Sam's for Paella. consisted of Shrimp, Scallop, Squid, Crabmeat, sauteed Veggies in a light sauce. When we opened the container, the smell was not appetizing....End result is the food was not a rating of 1-10 I would say...-0
  • Reviewed by:  on: 23/08/2013
    This comment is directed to the owner or General manager of TJin. Today we went to have lunch on our lunch break and arrived at TJIN at 12:08, they served our food at 12:52 and they did because we kept on asking where our food was. we have to be back on time at 1:00pm so that meant that we had only 8 minutes to eat the food and arrive at work which of course wasn't gonna happen. Not only our food was way late, but we never got refills and when they brought our bill to the table, the waiter only brought one bill knowing that we said to put everybody separate, we left the establishment at 1:15 plus a 10 minute driving back to work. The last week we went there we didn't like the fact that at the restaurant they brought our food in shifts instead of all together, but since we like the food we decided to go back, but this time it went completely out of line and ridiculous. They had 5 employees working there serving the people so I really don't see WHY the food got served SO late. The service was way beyond bad and we were not the only ones complaining there because the table right in front of us was also telling us that they had been there for more than 35 minutes and they still didn't have their food. It's such a shame because now you lost 7 good customers that would go to TJIN almost every Friday.
  • Reviewed by: krcarrut  on: 12/07/2013
    First time ordering-the food was really good-I did a pick up. They forgot the sweet and sour chicken which i didn't realize until I got home-I called them and they delivered the missing dish to my house. That is good customer service and I will be certain to come back and recommend them further because of that.
  • Reviewed by: JDFree5456  on: 19/06/2013
    The food is the best in the Katy area. My daughter picks it up on her way home and it is always ready to go. It is a restaurant that Katy has needed for some time.
  • Reviewed by: hjbrong  on: 17/01/2013
    Absolutely fabulous! Food is always fresh and tasty as they use such high quality ingredients. Eat in and delivery both strongly recommended! Try it - you won't be sorry!
  • Reviewed by:  on: 06/01/2013
    My go to for Chinese food in Katy, I have honestly not eaten a dish I do not like from T. Jin and I have tried to order something new every time I eat here. Highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who likes great Chinese food.
  • Reviewed by: gweatherall  on: 21/12/2012
    One of my favorite Chinese restaurants of all time! Their crab rangoons are the best I have ever had.
  • Reviewed by: asubra08  on: 20/12/2012
    Food is great, service is great! What more can we ask for - thank you for setting up in Katy!
  • Reviewed by: j_adame74  on: 17/12/2012
    the servings are very big and the food is so fresh. I am so glad to find something here nearby in Katy that is so good!
  • Reviewed by: SeanOpry88  on: 30/07/2012
    This place is great.
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