• Reviewed by: yufamily04  on: 27/10/2015
    As an American-Chinese, I highly recommend this place! It is so close to authentic tasting Chinese food that my parents cooked at home! It's never too salty, or too bland and it's consistency keeps me coming back. The wait times are short and the quality
  • Reviewed by: Hlha  on: 25/10/2015
    The wait staff is always so rude. I don't understand why they think it's okay to act this way when they are in the customer service business. Don't come here unless you are okay with bad service.
  • Reviewed by: lovethefood  on: 24/12/2014
    We really like the food here. The female server is always very polite but the 2 males who are usually serving thru the day are rude. One of them is so rude he points to a table then throws the menus down from a distance and walks away. It makes me want to leave but I stay for the food :)
  • Reviewed by: Plugcov  on: 14/11/2014
    The 1st time I ordered from T Jin's was a pleasant experience. My second order was not. My food arrive cold. There was not any hot sauce, the rice was very undercooked, and the sweet and sour sauce was barely half full. At this point I probably will not order from this cafe again.
  • Reviewed by: diannergreen  on: 02/11/2014
    Awful food!! Had Crispy shrimp and the shrimp was old and tuff. Also had cashew chicken and it was OK but not great. We are looking for a really good chinese restaurant in Katy. This is NOT it.
  • Reviewed by: DENISELACEY2003  on: 28/06/2014
  • Reviewed by: alexisbuff22  on: 16/06/2014
    Amazing!!! We live too far for delivery, but we go out of our way to order for pick up or eat in about once a week. All of my 4 picky kids and husband love this place, the food is always hot, fresh, fast, and reasonable. The staff is nice, just not sociable. I feel bad for those that had a bad experience, its not the norm. Give it try, worth it!!!
  • Reviewed by: tomhorn99  on: 17/02/2014
    T j are a hit and miss I always order the triple delight if you are eating there it is ALWAYS good I have ordered had it delivered no heat 1 shrimp hardy in liquid fried rice is brown no egg no vegs no meat just brown sweet rice didnt eat it soup was luke warm barely . Is there a cook they need to get rid of or with takeout they just dont care ? I ordred triple delight last night 2/16/2014
  • Reviewed by: candicembob  on: 06/12/2013
    I adore this food! It is wonderful each and everytime I order it. I have ordered it at home for out of town guests and now everytime they come to town they want me to order it. Everyone agrees that the shrimp fried rice is the best they ever had, we love the Kung Pao Tripple Delight, Shrimp with Lobster Sauce, Fried Fish Fillets... the list goes on and on. I love it so much I have the ladies I teach with ordering it today with me! So yummy, you won't regret it... not to mention it is very clean and nice in T-Jin and the people who work there are very nice and attentive.
  • Reviewed by: slbryson  on: 01/12/2013
    We picked up take out last night and the food was delicious! The order was ready promptly, it was correct and the food was still hot when we sat down to eat!
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